Sea Of Thieves Is Finally Adding PvE Servers Called Safer Seas

Over the course of more than half a decade, numerous players of the popular game Sea of Thieves have expressed their desire for a particular feature: PvE servers. These servers would allow players to enjoy the game without the constant worry of encountering other pirates who might steal their treasures, sink their ships, or disrupt their progress. Despite this, the game’s developer, Rare, has always emphasized that the shared world PvPvE setup is essential to the unique experience of their pirate-themed sandbox game. However, in a surprising turn of events, Rare has announced that PvE servers, known as Safer Seas, will be introduced as a new feature in the game’s upcoming Season 10, set to launch in December.

Safer Seas will provide players with the opportunity to play Sea of Thieves alongside up to three chosen friends, free from the dangers and unexpected encounters that come with PvP gameplay. While players will still face PvE elements such as the Kraken, Megalodon, and skeleton forts, they can now engage with these challenges without the constant threat of other pirate crews interfering with their progress.

It is important to note that Safer Seas mode will have certain limitations compared to the game’s default PvPvE servers, now referred to as High Seas. Rare intends for Safer Seas to serve as a safer introduction to Sea of Thieves, rather than a permanent gameplay option. As a result, the following progression systems and features will not be available in Safer Seas:

  • Pirate Legend unlocks
  • Hourglass PvP sea battles
  • Emissaries – loot cash-in multipliers
  • Captaincy – milestones with unique unlockable rewards
  • Guilds – cross-server alliances connecting like-minded players (new to Season 10)

Despite these limitations, Safer Seas will provide an excellent environment for players to familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics, embark on voyages with friends, and immerse themselves in the captivating Tall Tales story mode, which currently consists of more than a dozen chapters, each lasting approximately two hours.

Rare has only just begun to reveal details about Sea of Thieves Season 10, which will also introduce a new competitive voyage called Skull of the Siren Song, a range of new cosmetics, a Plunder Pass, and various other exciting additions.

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