Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Endings Guide

There are multiple conclusions in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. The missions themselves can diverge based on your choices, although one does lead to a gratifying ending for V’s story. Our guide to the endings in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty discusses the crucial decisions you need to make, as well as the final arc that leads to another phase of the main campaign. It is important to note that this article contains significant spoilers.

Guide to the Endings in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

The endings in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty are connected to the mission structure. Therefore, we outline the steps that led us to specific key moments. We also recommend keeping backup saves in case you want to make different choices in subsequent playthroughs.

Crucial Decision: Firestarter – Assist Songbird or Assist Reed

You will need to make an important decision towards the end of the Firestarter mission. This choice will determine the type of final arc you experience, including the concluding missions and certain iconic weapons as rewards. You are presented with two options:

  • Help Songbird escape: “I’m with you.”
  • Help Reed capture Songbird: “One more second…”

V and Songbird face off against a hostile army.

Ending #1: The Killing Moon – Songbird’s Escape

If you choose to help Songbird escape in Firestarter, you will embark on a final mission called The Killing Moon. The objective is to clear a spaceport so that Songbird can board a shuttle to a lunar facility. However, while riding the train car, you discover that Songbird may have deceived V and used them to find a cure for herself.

At this point, several options become available, both in this instance and in subsequent ones:

  • Pick up Songbird: “Time to go” or “Wake the hell up”
  • Call Reed: “Reed will take care of you.”

A crucial decision must be made.

Consequences of defending Songbird

To achieve this ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, you must pick up Songbird and carry her to the shuttle. Reed will appear, leading to a standoff:

  • If you approach Reed too closely, he will warn you. If you continue to advance, he will shoot you dead.
  • Reed will ask you to lay Songbird down. If you refuse and insist that he will have to kill you, he will indeed follow through.

Once you place Songbird on the platform, you will continue conversing with Reed:

  • Selecting any “Holster Weapon” option will result in you giving up Songbird. We discuss the consequences of this choice in the next section of our guide.
  • Choosing the “Draw Weapon” options will cause you to aim at Reed. You will have only a few seconds to shoot and kill him.
  • Other responses will simply prolong the tense standoff. Reed will then give you three seconds to surrender, and you will have no choice but to eliminate him.

With Reed dead, you can pick up Songbird once again and take her to the shuttle. V and Johnny will watch as the shuttle departs, presumably to cure Songbird of the Blackwall’s corruption. You may also acquire Reed’s iconic weapon, the Pariah, located next to his body.

If you choose this particular arc, V will not find a cure. Instead, you will simply return to Night City, and the only remaining ending options are those from the base game (i.e., Nocturne Op55N1 and meeting Hanako Arasaka onwards). It is worth noting that we also completed a specific final mission from the base game. There were no new post-credits scenes (i.e., Songbird did not contact V for a conversation).

Left: Final confrontation with Solomon Reed; Right: Watching the shuttle depart with Songbird.

Consequences of giving up Songbird

To achieve this ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, you must surrender Songbird to Reed. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • While in the train car, choose to call Reed. Then, give up Songbird when he emerges from the shuttle.
  • You can also pick up Songbird. Then, during the standoff, continue talking to Reed.
  • Make sure to select this option when it appears: [Holster weapon] “All yours, but you’ll help me live on.”

Reed will carry Songbird to the waiting NUSA transport craft,

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