Amazon Slashes Prices On Arcade1Up Cabinets, Including NBA Jam For Only $160

If you’re longing to relive the glorious era of arcade gaming, take a look at Arcade1Up’s collection of retro equipment. Arcade1Up’s arcade cabinets feature authentic decals, vibrant displays, and genuine controls that capture the essence of arcades. They also offer exciting features like Wi-Fi connectivity, multiplayer options, online leaderboards, and illuminated marquees. Amazon currently has a wide range of Arcade1Up machines on sale, providing a fantastic selection for enthusiasts.


Not everyone has enough space for a full-sized arcade cabinet, which is where the Countercades come in. These units are essentially arcade machines without the stand, allowing you to place them on a desk or table and still enjoy an authentic gaming experience.

NBA Jam steals the spotlight in the countercade category. Depending on your love for the game, you can choose between the standard edition, which perfectly replicates the 1993 arcade version, for just $160 (usually $230). There’s also the Pong Countercade with its delightful ’70s design and controls that faithfully recreate the original machine’s input system.

If you have enough space, you’ll find a fantastic selection of Arcade1Up machines to choose from. The attention-grabbing NFL Blitz machine offers multiple versions of the arcade football game. The Pacmania unit provides a treasure trove of Pac-Man games at a significantly discounted price. Fighting game enthusiasts will be thrilled with the Marvel vs. Capcom machine, designed for head-to-head battles between two players. X-Men fans can save a staggering $250 on a set that includes a matching barstool.

As with most Amazon deals, it’s uncertain how long these discounts will last. Any of these cabinets would make an excellent holiday gift, especially the NBA Jam and Pong Countercades at these incredible prices.

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