Brewfest 2023 – What’s New?


Brewfest commences on live servers later today. Discover the latest additions for this year’s celebration!

UPDATE: We have received numerous reports regarding certain items not being available in-game. It is highly probable that Blizzard unintentionally omitted them from the update. We will patiently await further information and update this post accordingly.

Patch 10.1.7 introduces new accomplishments and rewards for you to acquire during Brewfest! The event will be accessible until October 6.

New Accomplishment

Patch 10.1.7 introduces a fresh achievement for Brewfest known as A Round on the House A Round on the House. To obtain it, players must contribute to Bar Tab Barrels at taverns on the Dragon Isles. Simply visit an inn and interact with the Bar Tab Barrels.


Each time you click on one, you will receive 10 Brewfest Prize Tokens. In total, there are 12 locations with the following coordinates:

  • /way #2022 47.77 83.25 Dragonscale Basecamp
  • /way #2022 58.24 67.71 Ruby Lifeshrine (the entrance to the inn – /way #2022 57.73 67.07)
  • /way #2022 76.33 35.62 Wingrest Embassy
  • /way #2023 62.83 40.65 Maruukai
  • /way #2023 85.8 35.18 Rusza’Thar Reach
  • /way #2023 28.43 60.48 Shady Sanctuary
  • /way #2024 46.98 40.31 Camp Antonidas
  • /way #2024 62.85 57.85 Camp Nowhere
  • /way #2024 12.46 49.43 Iskaara
  • /way #2025 50.15 42.85 Algeth’era Court
  • /way #2025 52.25 81.62 Eon’s Fringe
  • /way #2112 47.44 47.64 Valdrakken

We extend our gratitude to rosemansion222 for providing the screenshot and coordinates!

New Shields

The Brewfest vendor now offers novel cosmetic shields.

Green Brewfest Bulwark Green Brewfest Bulwark


Orange Brewfest Bulwark Orange Brewfest Bulwark


New Toys

Two toys have been added to Brewfest in Patch 10.1.7.

  • Brew Barrel Brew Barrel – Summon and ride a rolling barrel for 30 seconds (10 Min Cooldown) – Available from Brewfest Vendors for 200 tokens.
  • Brewhahat Brewhahat – Equip your Dragon Isles drake with a fashionable hat.

New Dragonriding Armor

Coren Direbrew drops Brewfest-themed Body Armor for the Renewed Proto-Drake Renewed Proto-Drake Dragonriding mount.


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